Our Approach

Mission Critical Operations


When it comes to patients’ well-being, safety and security is of paramount importance. Medical staff need to be situationally-aware 24 hours a day to deliver the right care to their patients without having to worry about their back-end IT infrastructure.

Guardian One’s healthcare practice has helped over 40 hospitals and private clinics achieve mission critical performance in rapidly changing environments and highly regulated markets.

Our partnership with healthcare providers has improved the safety, quality and access to care for over a million patients annually.

Reach out to us and discover how we can bring about innovation and real change to enhance not just your operations, but the satisfaction and well being of your patients.

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Empowering A New Generation


Our children are our future, and it is imperative that they are nurtured both physically and intellectually. A well run educational institution is crucial in laying the foundations for the next generation to thrive in a highly competitive tomorrow.

With ever increasing costs and regulatory requirements, educational institutions are always on the search to reduce these costs without sacrificing quality.

We’ve worked alongside teachers, parents and principals to develop a cost effective suite of solutions and services that help deliver on their commitments to their students all the while enhancing their overall experience.

Reach out today and find out how we can deliver a better experience to your teachers, students and parents while reducing operational costs and maintaining regulatory compliance.

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Moving The Planet Along


The transport and logistics industry has historically been resistant to change. A few years ago, this may not have been a hindrance to well established players, however, with new venture backed startups challenging the status quo, existing players have had to change their strategy.

Our aim is to help our clients in this space succeed and remain agile in the face of rising competition. We help freight and logistics companies create value from process efficiencies and data-driven insights using AI and/or blockchain technologies to remain on the cutting edge.

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Happy Diners

Food & Beverage

F&B outlets are a hotbed of user information and spending habits. Yet, so few companies leverage this information due to poor back-office systems and lack of expertise to derive any sort of value from this data.

With Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, retailers can harness technology to identify their most profitable customers and build their business around them. Additionally, clients can better predict upcoming demand and thereby streamline their supply chain.

Our F&B practice has enabled our clients to leverage their data to deliver an experience that delights their customers and improve operations.

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