IT Support Services

IT Support Services

Over time, IT has become an indispensible part of every business out there and while businesses are eager to get technological solutions and advancements for their businesses, they often forget that it’s not just about implementing and integrating the latest technologies with their businesses, it’s also about maintaining it for smooth and hassle-free functioning. That’s where IT support comes in.

What IT support in Dubai can do for your business?

IT support service is required for a number of business functions:

  • IT Training to employees – Employees are trained in the technologies they will be dealing with in their day-to-day job and make them aware of how to use the technologies and how to resolve the minor issues that might come. These trainings make employees self-dependent to deal with some of the situations rather than waiting for an IT professional to interfere every single time. Such trainings can also help in maintaining enterprise security in the times of technical crisis, in situations where the IT professional is unavailable.
  • Consultation – Firms are continuously looking for a technical, easy-to-implement solution to their business problems and challenges, since the world is getting more technologically advanced every hour of the day. In such cases, a lot of IT support service organizations introduce businesses to new technologies and help them in implementing it.

There are multiple benefits of having an IT support service in Dubai including effective management of data, access to expert professionals in business, high-end solutions to technical problems, safety and security from viruses in the systems you integrate in your business, monitoring performance and status of the technologies and business, and protecting sensitive information etc.

How to find an IT support service organization in Dubai?

Here are some factors that you should consider before hiring a IT support in Dubai:

  • Response time: An IT support service in Dubai that is prompt t pick up to calls, respond to emails and reach the location on time in case of a technical emergency is a great relief to an entrepreneur amateur in technology.
  • Experience: Any firm is known by its reputation and professionalism in the market. An IT support organization that is experienced in resolving technical issues, has established itself as an expert in its field and provides optimal and feasible technical solutions to their clients should be preferred over any other IT support firm. To make a more clear decision, one can take a look at the client testimonials and the portfolio.
  • Customer service: What matters the most is the ease of doing business with the technical partner. The expertise and knowledge won’t matter if the employees of the IT support service firm are not professional and have a lousy behavior. Experts like Guardian One Technologies DMCC are not only respected in the industry for their domain knowledge and experience but also for their professionalism and customer service they provide to the firms they work with.

What are Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs)?

As the name suggests, AMC is an agreement that your firm needs to sign before availing the IT support services. An IT support service in Dubai usually charges some nominal fee on annual basis (i.e. you pay for it once and avail the services for an entire year) to maintain the technical solution or the software. Maintenance includes security on all IT support service such as hardware like computers, plotters, printers, laptops, etc. or software like website or mobile application development and maintenance etc.

The reason why various business firms are working on an AMC is because they are cost-saving (on damage repairs and routine maintenance costs), ensure the longevity of hardware and software, emergency cases etc.