Managed Infrastructure & AMC

Managed Infrastructure & AMC

The key IT concerns of any business implementing IT security solutions and the key roles of any IT-AMC company in Dubai are Performance Management, Networking (routers, switches, firewall/UTM etc) Facility Management, Annual Maintenance contract (AMC), Consultancy and Security. Managed Infrastructures and AMC are important to a business because they help in evaluating whether the company is technically ready for any new feature.

IT-AMC Company in Dubai provides

  • Cloud Infrastructure: While cloud provides flexibility, scalability, compliance and is highly available, it can be sometimes expensive, time-consuming and complex for someone to install who isn’t an I professional IT-AMC company in Dubai helps other businesses design, build, manage, migrate, optimize, maintain, upgrade, backup and secure their cloud infrastructure with their expertise and tech-savviness and using the best practices. They are agile, reliable and integrate better with existing operations. They also eliminate the need for purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware devices and the issues can be handles remotely by the IT-AMC Company in Dubai.
  • On-premise server: Server management is one of the most important parts of Managed Infrastructure in any business. The two most important segments that need to be taken care of in on-premise server management are hardware and operating system. An IT support company checks the performance standards of on-premise servers, understands and monitors the critical services, resources and their components. They also take necessary preventive actions to avoid any possible downtimes. It is a bonus if backup and storage management is provided along with on-premise server management. This is done by defining, establishing, implementing and testing the processes by the experts.
  • On-premise network: On-premise network Management is the backbone of any organization. On-premise network availability, scalability and security are the key elements. The responsibilities involved in on-premise network management are: Network Monitoring, addressing Network congestions, Network resources optimization, Threat detection & Prevention in the on-premise network and policy management etc. Apart from this, the IT professionals also work in the area of Network redesign and Metric driven on-premise Network Management services.
  • IT security solutions: There are various risks associated within an organization – from the devices, the people using the technology and the technology itself. The risks associated with Network infrastructure (like firewall configuration issues, WLAN security, Device issues etc), Computing Infrastructure (like server, backup, storage and processing issues) and Access control etc are identified, assessed and resolved by the security team. It helps in systematically analyzing and dealing with the current risks and preparing strategies to avoid future risks.
  • Annual maintenance contract: It is an agreement that every business goes through before availing the services of any IT-AMC company in Dubai. It describes in detail the annual payment by the business to the IT-AMC company and the details of the services that the IT-AMC company and the business have mutually agreed upon. Please read the next section to find more details.

IT-AMC Company in Dubai should include the following in their annual maintenance contract:

  • Installation, troubleshooting, monitoring, maintenance (timely checkups), upgradations, accurate technical support and security of recommended server (including OS) and other hardware – storage and networking devices (like laptops, desktop, PC, monitor, scanners, printers etc).
  • Optimizing performance and minimizing breakdown and downtimes
  • Services of more delicate devices like motherboard, hard disk, data cables, processors, etc.
  • Enabling authentication and security of e-mails in the network

Apart from the services mentioned above, IT security solutions also include Network Cabling, Wifi installation, Firewall Installation, Data Security Solutions, Computer Hardware Maintenance, Anti-Virus Solutions etc. Get full-proof IT support and maintenance for your business with Guardian One Technologies AMCC, an IT-AMC company in Dubai.