Businesses want to transform themselves to be technologically advanced. But what stops them from achieving it? Lack of technical knowledge and the fear of their precious data falling into the wrong hands. This is where IT security services come to the rescue. IT security is a combination of people, technology and procedures.

There is a growing need for professionals who are responsible for the security in private networks, help businesses avoid attacks on the internal systems, to keep the databases secure and minimize the damage incurred (if any).

A Security Operation Centre (SOC) in a business is a team of engineers who detect, identify and troubleshoot the IT security issues. The main functions of this tier are Detection, Classification and Escalation of attacks. They are also responsible to find the most effective ways to mitigate the cyber attacks. A lot of benchmarking, planning and negotiating is required before establishing the SOC. Security Operation Centre needs to be scaled.

Our IT Security Solutions Delivers

Advanced Security for Business

Guardian One, a leading security firm in the Middle East region offers a wide range of advanced security solutions to secure critical enterprise assets and safeguard access to sensitive data

Endpoint Control & Security

Enterprise Security Solutions are generally designed to integrate multiple aspects of a company’s business. Bringing about the interchange of information from various business process area

Network Security & design

The increasingly technological world today has failed to meet the customer’s primary concern of security. Guardian One helps you plan and execute effective strategy to implement network security

Enterprise Security solutions

Enterprise Security Solutions are generally designed to integrate multiple aspects of a company’s business. Bringing about the interchange of information from various business process area

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