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GuardianOne is your key to unlocking the potential of the Agile Business in the UAE. Whether you're an individual department or an entire organization, we have the IT solutions you need.

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Innovation is the driving force behind our services. Our team of creative minds can help you develop new innovations that remove technological roadblocks, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.

Colocation Reimagined

Our clients have realized the need for innovative colocation solutions that maintain existing operations while driving down costs. GuardianOne offers colocation services that are reimagined for today's business needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a reputation as one of the most innovative IT solutions in dubai and best service providers in the MENA region. We aim to earn the tag of a preferred partner by consistently adding value to the industry ecosystem.

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Customer satisfaction is our highest Priority
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We understand that our services should make our clients and employees happy. GuardianOne is dedicated to improving your functional efficiencies and giving you the bandwidth to focus on market development and customer impression. Our teams prioritize this central focus in everything they do.

Contact GuardianOne today to explore how we can help with laptop prices in the UAE, CCTV cameras, IT solutions, network cabling, digital marketing, and much more. We are your trusted IT partner in Dubai.


Our Insights


Digital transformation initiatives in Middle East are well underway with government initiatives providing the necessary momentum. Businesses are embracing digital transformation to remain competitive and take advantage of modern technologies to solve business challenges.The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the region into a digital-first economy where new digital habits are reshaping consumer behavior. Consequently, end-user organizations are taking a digital-first approach to products, services, customer and employee experiences, and operations. These organizations are accelerating the digital journey to not just to navigate economic and geo-political uncertainties but also to innovate, expand and thrive in the future.According to the latest forecast from...

Guardian One Technologies expands AR & VR capability to Diamond Industry

After pioneering AR and VR in the education sector with great success, Guardian One Technologies is now expanding into the diamond industry.“We are thrilled to design and provide customers with a stunning and avant-garde in-store trial experience. We think this innovation in AR&VR technology is a fantastic fit for many in our region. -ASHITH PIRIYATTIATH, CEO OF GUARDIAN ONE TECHNOLOGIESOffering comprehensive IT services in the UAE, Guardian One Technologies is known as the Best Edutech firm in the area. Guardian One handles all aspects of IT for businesses in any industry and offers specialized services that are advantageous to the client...

Guardian One Technologies, 1Kosmos in a deal for passwordless identity program

Dubai - The PIP program will enable organizations not only to fast track but also reduces the risks of starting the passwordless journey1Kosmos is widely seen as an innovator in this space, offering novel approaches for both workforce and customer (CIAM) applications. 1Kosmos solutions allow organizations to quickly secure and verify identities, eliminate usernames and passwords, and grant secure and compliant access to users.“We are excited about the partnership which will allow us to support and offer our clients and prospects this innovative and revolutionary technology. We believe the 1Kosmos’ flagship solution, BlockID, is a great fit for many organizations...

Aruba Helps Sabari Indian School Become Most Technologically Advanced Indian School in the UAE

After his Group’s acquisition of Sabari Indian School in 2015, Ashith Piriyattiath, Group Head of IT at Al Masah Capital Management, knew he had to make significant technological improvements to raise the rating given to the school by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).“Incorporating technological innovation for learning is the key factor in improving a school’s KHDA rating so we were eager to introduce eLearning and iPad-based course delivery. We also wanted to save our students the trouble of having to carry a 5 to 6 kg bag to school each day,” he explained.Seeking an Enterprise-Grade SolutionWhile Aruba’s solution...

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