Guardian One Technologies, 1Kosmos in a deal for passwordless identity program

Dubai - The PIP program will enable organizations not only to fast track but also reduces the risks of starting the passwordless journey1Kosmos is widely seen as an innovator in this space, offering novel approaches for both workforce and customer (CIAM) applications. 1Kosmos solutions allow organizations to quickly secure and verify identities, eliminate usernames and passwords, and grant secure and compliant access to users.“We are excited about the partnership which will allow us to support and offer our clients and prospects this innovative and revolutionary technology. We believe the 1Kosmos’ flagship solution, BlockID, is a great fit for many organizations...

Aruba Helps Sabari Indian School Become Most Technologically Advanced Indian School in the UAE

After his Group’s acquisition of Sabari Indian School in 2015, Ashith Piriyattiath, Group Head of IT at Al Masah Capital Management, knew he had to make significant technological improvements to raise the rating given to the school by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).“Incorporating technological innovation for learning is the key factor in improving a school’s KHDA rating so we were eager to introduce eLearning and iPad-based course delivery. We also wanted to save our students the trouble of having to carry a 5 to 6 kg bag to school each day,” he explained.Seeking an Enterprise-Grade SolutionWhile Aruba’s solution...

Ashith Piriyattiath’s diverse & transformative GCC career

Despite claiming to have “accidentally fallen into the technology industry,” Ashith Piriyattiath’s extensive CV has empowered him with a broad knowledge on the importance of IT across a variety of verticals.Following an initial setback when pursuing his original career path in hotel management, Piriyattiath enrolled on a Bachelors of Computer Science at Mahatma Gandhi University in 1997, before being offered a position at the Indian Institute of Management as a trainee IT professional following his graduation. “IIM is one of the top IT institutions in India, so this was a fantastic opportunity for me so early on in my career,”...

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