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After pioneering AR and VR in the education sector with great success, Guardian One Technologies is now expanding into the diamond industry.

“We are thrilled to design and provide customers with a stunning and avant-garde in-store trial experience. We think this innovation in AR&VR technology is a fantastic fit for many in our region. 


Offering comprehensive IT services in the UAE, Guardian One Technologies is known as the Best Edutech firm in the area. Guardian One handles all aspects of IT for businesses in any industry and offers specialized services that are advantageous to the client and meet their needs.

The CEO of Guardian One Technologies, Ashith Piriyattiath, also stated that there are numerous difficulties in fusing AR and VR in the diamond sector. Diamonds have unique characteristics, and their shine changes depending on the light and perspective. As a result, getting the ideal photo for AR and VR technologies would be difficult, but we aren’t held back by this. We are motivated to enter the market with the best by challenges. Additionally, he stated that because the Metaverse is seen of as the next version of the internet, all virtual experience platforms will be created with the intention of exploring more of its potential.

The fusion of AR&VR technologies in the diamond business will be a cutting-edge experience in the new era of the metaverse. Since the pandemic, online shopping has grown in popularity, and with this cutting-edge technology, anyone can purchase a diamond from any location in the world.

Konema Mwenenge, a pioneer in the diamond industry, was astounded by this combination and is anxious to see how AR&VR technology will be used in the diamond industry. Konema Mwenenge added that he is curious to know how Guardian One Technologies would get through the difficulties that arise with combining diamonds with AR and VR. We are also delighted that Konema Mwenenge is a member of the project’s advisory board. The outcome of two titans shaking hands in the hopes of a better future will be a wonder to the globe.

During the Corona period, Guardian One Technologies developed an idea that would allow teachers to deliver practical lessons to pupils in the comfort of their own homes. This successful innovation has established them in the market as the best Edutech firm in the region.

By using the capabilities of AR & VR to provide a digital in-store trial experience, Guardian One Technologies is endeavouring to offer to the region a complete solution to entirely digitize the diamond purchasing process along with industry veterans Konema Mwenenge.

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